OdooPLM Client/Server

Start from the today commit you will find the following new feature

As usual you can find the new client at the following link


 Redesigned Check-in

Once you click on the Check-in recursive a new form will appear with the following tabs

Info message TAB

In this tab you will find the information of all the document present in the CAD main document, with all the relation like 3D 2D document

Problems to Setup TAB

In this tab there is the document that cannot be checked-in  for some file updates.

To Check in TAB

In this tab there are all the document that can be checked-in

This new redesign make the software more user friendly for the Check-In operations, also let you check the status of your assembly.

This version is available only for the v16 version of odooPLM.

New feature for Inventor

Full support for presentation document

New Ribbon available for Inventor 


Now on Inventor Presentation environment you have a new full ribbon with all the odooPLM command, this feature let you manage all your Inventor presentation document as all the other Inventor document inside OdooPLM

Odoo Improvements 


A new link is now available for connecting the Presentation document and the other odooPLM document. 

Odoo Improvements 

 A new document type is also available


Improvments on document structure view