Server Installation

To install OdooPLM it is necessery to clone github repository, it can be found on OmniaSolution Github page.

Edit the configuration file adding in the addons path section the odooPLM path.

Restart Odoo Service and install PLM module from Odoo Web.

Configure Users

Remember to configure odooPLM groups with users according to your company's security policies.


you need to be odoo administrator user in order to perform this settings

Go to Settings -> User&groups -> Groups

From version 15  of odoo you  can find the group in the plm module at 

Plm -> Configuration -> Groups

and set the user to the appropriate group

The OdooPLM / integration User is the one with full capability over the client application.

Client Installation

Download Odoo(x64).exe and execute it by double-clicking. A complete guided installer will complete the operation, leaving your computer able to work with Odoo PLM Module.
Into CAD editor will be placed a new menu and a new toolbar containing PLM commands.

Don't forget to login (first time) to Odoo server.


If you are not able to see the plugin on your cad application or you get some error message during the installation, please be sure to disable the UAC 

Ask to your IT before to performe this change !!!