Engineering Parts Tree View

One of the main views, in which all engineering parts saved in Odoo server are present.

Engineering Parts can be created and saved from CAD application or even from Odoo web.

Engineering Part Form

Main form of an Engineering Part containing all informations like Part Number and revision index, inventory details, technical informations and linked documents.

Engineering Part - Technical Info

Section of the Engineering Part form dedicated to the extension technical fields of the CAD application.

Engineering Part - Linked Documents

Section of the Engineering Part form dedicated to all documents linked to that part.

Document Kanban View

Alternative view of tree view showing a bitmap of the documents and the most important informations about it, like name, revision index, status and description.

Document Relations

A CAD model part or CAD model assembly is represented in the PLM database by a document. Documents can be used to build product structures with special associative links that enable you to keep them synchronized as development progresses. A product structure can represent a single component part, or an assembly comprised of multiple parts with a hierarchical organization.
There are different types of relations, the most common are Part to Part relation and Drawing to Part relation. The first one is used to relate a part linked to an assembly, meanwhile the second one is used to relate a Part with its 2D drawing.

Bill of Materials

A bill of materials or product structure is a list of the raw materials, sub-assemblies, parts, and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product. A bill of materials is often tied to a production order whose issuance may generate reservations for components in the bill of materials that are in stock and requisitions for components that are not in stock.