OdooPLM | 2010 -> 2023 timelapse

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OdooPLM | Pack & Go 

In this video you will learn how to extract all the pdf from a bom

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OdooPLM | Manage SolidWorks configurations

In this video you will learn how to manage SolidWorks configurations with OdooPLM

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Organizzare in modo efficiente ciclo di prodotto

Ringraziamo particolarmende l'associazione odoo Italia per averci dato la possibilita' di intervenire a questo evento denso di contenuti.



Tools & Hacks to speed up your engineering department

Odoo Experience 2020


Speed Up your Production  WorkFlow

OdooExperience 2021


Recover easely your legacy data

with OdooPlm saving button

Odoo Mrp Production update from bom update



Document Bom


Odoo Mrp Production update from bom update


OdooPLM At odoo experience 2021


Odoo Mrp Treejs View


OdooPLM ThreeJs inside e-commerce


Preview: OdooPLM TreeJs view for Plm Files


Login to


OdooPLM Client application installation


OdooPLM Document Revision


Wrong computation on odoo sa PLM module for eco


Installare odooplm su piattaforma con come submodule


Work on product dynamic preview v12 odooPLM


How-To login into Odoo from OdooPLM Client


Odoo Days Italia


Odoo Days Italia


Aggiornamento distinta di produzione da bom